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Prices 2019/2020


€45 per person for 1.5 hour ride
€60 per person for 2 hour ride

Day treks of 4 hours for experienced riders only by reservation. This cannot be booked on short notice and a minimum of 4 riders applies.

Pony and family rides

€20 per person for 40 minutes
Shorter pony rides for very small children possible if availability.

Pony Club on Saturday’s

€20 per person for regular kids
€30 per person for non regulars kids

Riders must have had 6 consecutive weeks of Pony Club to become a regular.

Anyone that has started lessons at 2017 prices will remain so also.

Lessons for regulars

30 minute:   €15 per person
1hour:           €25 per person
40minutes:   €20 per person
Pony rides and family rides (for kids under 8 years of age)
€ 15 per person for 30 minutes

Riders must have had 6 consecutive weeks of lessons to become a regular


30 minutes:  €20 per person 
1 hour:           €35 per person 
Private lessons: € 50 per person per hour


When booking a ride it is advisable to be able to judge your own ability. If you are not sure which category you would put yourself in it is advisable to downgrade yourself rather than upgrade.

Beginner: riding on holiday not regular. Comfortable at walk and riding to experience the scenery from horseback

Intermediate: some experience at walk and trott. Might have taken lessons at some stage in the last 20 years and is able to do rising trott and has some control on the horse.

Experienced/ Advanced: is comfortable at all 3 gates of the horse, walk trott and canter outside of the arena and is used to controlling the horse at all three speeds.

Payment please in cash only – we apologise but we are not able to accept any credit cards